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Monday, January 30, 2012



Oil on wood form, 2011, 15"x 15" x 7.5"


This is a portrait of my friend Jake Culkowski. He is a musician and has played with some great bands around town. I believe he's currently playing bass with the Detroit Cobras, they cycle through members quite a bit, so I could be wrong. The portrait is painted on half a square basically, and projects out from the wall. This triggers a few visual tricks. When walking around the piece Jake seems to turn his torso away from you but his head toward you and the stair landing appears that if you get close enough you will be able to see it, and see where he is standing. I enjoy trying to activate some of my work in this manner, I think it gives it an added dimension (duh!) while giving the owner of the piece something that is almost alive in a way.


Kathrin Hufen said...

Super painting and I like the wood form!

Unknown said...

Thanks Kathrin! These are a lot of fun to paint on and play with after.