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Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Oil on wood form, 2011, 15"x 15"x 8"

This is a portrait (actually a triple portrait, but I wasn't too interested in making it about that. I just wanted to concentrate on the main figure) of my friend Andy in front of his now (sadly) out of business resale shop The Hoard House. The store front also used to be the gallery/design store Design 99. The form this is painted on is what I've been calling my open book form, designed so you can really stick your face in there and look around. The left and right edges of the painting extend from the wall about 8", while the middle where the painting splits is only about 1" from the wall. The photos tend to flatten out the image, which is why I'm trying to explain what's happening so much.


Pierre Raby said...

Love these 3 last works Andy. Aside the visual inventive tricks played on the painted surface and their amazing contrasted colors, I can feel some sort of an intimate connection with the subjects. A wonderful series!

Unknown said...

Thanks Pierre. Thats the one thing I'm never sure of, if it comes across when doing portraits, that little bit of magic you have to mix in with the paint.